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2 January 2016


Once again we have come to the end of another year, 2015 has definitely been a year of change & accelerated evolution. For some it has been a challenging year and for others it has felt as if they have taken flight, found their wings and are able to manifest change & desires of creation that they had been battling to achieve for years, as if the constraints of fear and limitation have been broken open and they are now able to move forward with much more ease, trusting the flow of benevolent consciousness into their lives, allowing it to guide them rather than telling the universe how it must be done & resisting the natural flow of give and receive. Whether a challenging year or one of flight both are exactly what you need in order to evolve, in fact for most of us it has been a bit of both, yet for the first time we truly feel/sense that we are moving forward beyond our imaginings, beyond our limitations and beyond our expectations.

We can expect more of this in 2016, the Stargate that opened in 2012 continues to do so until 2017 when it becomes completely open, there will be much more cosmic & universal energy being “plugged in” to the Earths grid, lattice & ley lines, where light and information is stored and tapped into by every sentient being on the planet,( via the antenna of their DNA), raising our vibrations into ascension status. There will be more upheaval on political fronts and big changes – including & especially SA and they will be for the better although many will experience fear during this time. The weather, humanitarianism and water will be big issues, there will still be many planetary events that will instil horror and fear but all is well and there will be much “good news” on the planet collectively and individually. Keep the faith, believe in yourself and divine will, this is what we need to focus on no matter what, have an open heart, be empathetic to the circumstances of others and help when you can.

I wish you all a blessed festive season, enjoy your family & your friends and try and show random acts of kindness to those less fortunate & in need. Most of all – if you love someone – show it!

With Love

(Ps – as a Christmas Gift to you – click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU1cMJjboEo

(Yet another post note: I have a friend, Lisa who has made a career change and is now supplying a fabulous range of fresh health juices – if you are interested in this please have a look at her web: www.earthpassion.co.za or contact her via email: orders@earthpassion.co.za . I take this opportunity to wish Lisa every success in her new venture and ask all whom are interested to support her for it is by supporting one another that we create abundance for ourselves and others – don’t stop the flow.)

Michele Williams Esoterics
Tel:  021 558 5965
Cell: 084 780 4008

6 May 2015


I had a wonderful "beginning" to 2015 spent with my daughter and her new born baby in January & February. I was very honoured and privileged to witness and be present at the birth of my third grandchild, my daughter's first. It was a deeply moving and sacred experience sharing the emotional intimacy between my daughter and her partner as the manifestation of their love, their son was born into this world.

It made me ponder upon the meaning of new beginnings, new life and infinite potentials, the unlimited possibilities available to this new life, how he will grow, what his interests, hopes and dreams will be, what his life experiences will be and what sort of man he will grow into being.

I also realised we all, no matter what our age, have the same unlimited possibilities available to us, every year, every month, every day, every moment we have the opportunity to grow into, develop and manifest our dreams of whom we truly wish to be. The difference with babies is they do not know fear and we do, the weight of our baggage of fear, guilt and self-doubt hold us back from attaining, and believing we can attain, the things that little voice inside just won't let go of, that keeps nudging and reminding us to get out of our comfort zones.

So for 2015 I wish all of you the strength, clarity and motivation to pack up your troubles of the past, let them go and focus your energy in working toward who you desire to be.

I am holding workshops once a month (cost R120) covering topics:

  • New Beginnings and what exactly is the "new energy" on the planet and how to work with it
  • Your Innate Wisdom - the second brain, the language of spirit
  • Cellular Communication and understanding your DNA

These are the first three workshops of a series of eight in total, although each one carries on from the previous it is not imperative to attend all should one particular subject resonate with you. The workshops are short (two hours) and impactful. Instead of pounding one with a whole lot of information, soon to be forgotten, the workshops are interactive, planting seeds of knowledge, discernment and a shift in perspective. Everyone leaves different to how they arrived, even if just a tweak and the process will continue long after, especially if they utilise the quick and easy tools supplied to them.

There are also once a month specials on massage and energy healings and if you are interested in being notified of these specials and workshops on a regular basis please go to the contact page and request to be on my mailing list.

Running a busy practice leaves me little time for administration and it is not always possible to update my website on a regular basis. I tend to go with the flow and only when I have something to say do I say it, doing things for the sake of it have little to do with the new energy. It is not about striving to achieve anymore but rather being in a state of allowance, going with the flow of abundant, benevolent consciousness that is all around us and guiding us in the right direction at the right time. If we are so
busy trying to attain we are inadvertently "resisting" the flow of abundance into our lives, it's like living with blinkers on: "This is where I've got to be, this is how I get there, straight line, no deviation, I must, I must", so focused are we on striving for what we think we should attain that  more often than not we miss the opportunities available to us along the way.

Let go and let flow should be your motto for the day!




I will be overseas for a month and the practice will be closed during this time, so make sure you have plenty of product stock before I leave.

I will be open the entire Festive Season (excluding public holidays) and will be running weekly specials on all modalities of healing until the 10th January, if you wish to be aware of these specials, please send an email requesting to be on my mailing list: byeti@telkomsa.net

I'm sure you've been wondering why the web hasn't been updated since August and no meditation evenings being run, I have been doing a lot of inner work  over these past few months and re-defining what is working for me in my life and what no longer does, with so much new energy and states of higher frequency becoming available to us many of the old methods of healing and thinking no longer apply and so it is in our lives. I guess you could say I had a good emotional and mental de-clutter and am looking forward to the new year with excitement and enthusiasm.

My E-book will be ready for publishing in the first quarter of 2015 titled  "Do You Care?" and is based on my experiences working as a Caregiver and what caregiving entails, so if you have ever dabbled with the idea of  becoming a caregiver this should give you some insight as to whether this particular occupation is something you would enjoy or something you should steer clear of. Caregiving is needed in every community but many lack the people and other resources to offer a high standard of empathic and knowledgeable care.

I will also be launching my "medicinal" range of Aromatherapy products for natural remedies to every day complaints such as constipation, menopause, pre-menstrual, bruising, teenage skin problems, eczema, wound healing, smelly feet, chaffing, cold sores and many more so keep a look out on the site under "Medicine Box".

  "Oil of the Month" will resume as this proved very popular with all - giving you a breakdown of the healing properties of the essential oil and the different methods in which you can use it as well as the contra-indications.  At first I will be focussing on our own indigenous oils such as Cape Chamomile, Cape Snowbush, Cape May, Lanyana (Wilde Els), Lavindin and Zinziba.

Last but not least I will be running a series of workshops and courses throughout the year on;

  •  "The Basics of your Energy Body & Energy Healing"
  •  "Understanding and Activating Your DNA"
  •  "What is your Merkaba?"
  •  "Aromatherapy - Learn how to use essential oils and make your own products at home"

(If you wish to be kept up to date on these courses send me an email requesting to be on my mailing list).

I take this opportunity to wish each of you and your loved ones a safe, joyous, loving festive season and a new year filled with promise, peace and abundance.

Namaste - the divinity within me recognises the divinity within you.




"First there was darkness, then there was light"

What is Spiritual Emptiness, the Void, the Abyss, the Darkness, the nothingness? 

It is the place of all creation, a black velvety darkness where we feel safe, like a babe in the womb and the place where we truly make manifest. It is the level of mind and consciousness of the essence of our being, that which is complete stillness, without thought or reflection or projection of
any kind. It is the place of no-thing-ness and it is here that you discover your true immortal essence, this is the place of complete receptivity and enlightenment, representing the merging of the physical ego self with its own Divine essence.

In other words, in this Void our awareness of mortal body is diminished to the point where we are only aware of the stillness around us, the peace and tranquillity, there is nothing to ask for, nothing to learn, nothing to do and nothing to feel - you simply are that stillness.

During our meditation evening I will be guiding you into this state of being, how deep you will go depends entirely how much you are willing to surrender your mind and your body to the moment. For those of you whom have received the Cellular Healing from me over the past few weeks - this will be familiar ground! I will also being using Solfeggio frequencies as these help you get to that state of being fairly quickly.

Please, please, please bring a blanket and pillow with you - this is important! Also please bring a small plate of healthy snacks to share.

I also need to know who will be attending - please let me know.

Look forward to sharing this evening with you!



Due to popular demand this special has been extended to Saturday 9th of August! Listen to what people are saying.

Helena: I could feel changes in temperature waves from warm, to cold, to warm again, I could feel tingling sensations & my old knee injury was suddenly & sharply painful for a few minutes and then it was just as suddenly gone. During the guided meditation my body knew where the energy was going before your cue. An amazing experience!

Heather: Wow! Where was I? I felt like I had journeyed through the entire universe, it feels as if every cell of my body is vibrating. I had visions flitting through my consciousness of past lives. I wish I could describe to others my experience but it is so hard to put into words, I just want to
share it, I feel marvellous.

Beverley: I don't know where I was Michele, I was completely and utterly gone, my consciousness somewhere else, I don't know where. It was very powerful, I feel renewed.


Cellular Healing, particularly when done on a regular basis regenerates and heals "malfunctioning" parts of the body, whether there be dis-ease or imbalance within the biology or physiology or chemical structure of the body, or within the hyper-field that surrounds and animates our corporal
body's, cells exist that are inter acting and communicating all the time without us being conscious of it. 

Intense feelings such as anger, hatred and resentment can literally eat away at our insides damaging cells throughout our systems, in addition so does our environment whether that be other people we interact with or our surrounds such as constant radiation from electronics and electrical
devices, heavy traffic and long, stressful hours also take their toll along with how we treat and what we put into our bodies.

The good news is we can consciously help our bodies to repair, regenerate and replace damaged cells rapidly and I will show you how you can make an enormous difference at home, work or in the car in just five minutes a day.... And yes it evens slows the aging process!

The cellular healing is an energy healing, working from the hyper-field and into the DNA of every cell of your being. In the beginning through visualisation I will guide from your hyper-field (energy body) into the cells of every system of your body i.e. skin, muscles, tissues, tendons, heart & circulatory system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, endocrine system, brain & nervous system & skeletal system and then into your very DNA & RNA. I then use several different frequencies of sound known as Solfeggio that create healing within our bodies whilst the recipient allows themselves to relax into a meditative state and I continue with the healing. The session lasts approximately an hour, most people feel relaxed yet energised afterward with a tingling sensation throughout their body.

For you from 23 July to 2nd August (now 9 August) I offer the cellular healing and "Free" DVD for R250 only!

All four meditations are approximately 5 minutes long with the Chakra tuning being only 2 minutes - this is something you can do for yourself every day, all you have to do is listen! If you like visuals you can watch the DVD which has vibrating mandalas and geometric shapes that coincide with the
sound frequencies. The DVD consists of the following:

Chakra Tuning 2.09 minutes: working with frequencies 174HZ; 285HZ; 396HZ;
417HZ; 528HZ; 639HZ; 741HZ; 852HZ; 963HZ

DNA Repair Frequency 5.3 minutes: working with frequency 528HZ

Healing Overtone 6.48 minutes: working with frequencies 63HZ; 174HZ; 285HZ;
396HZ; 417HZ; 528HZ; 639HZ; 741HZ; 852HZ; 963HZ; 1074HZ; 1185HZ

Intuitive Sine 5.48 minutes: working with frequency 741HZ (third eye)

I do encourage you to take advantage of this offer and receive the healing and the knowledge of how to go into your cellular system as well as the frequency dvd that can make a subtle yet powerful difference in your life.

Celebrate You!



My message this month is going to be short and sweet, June has been a very unusually phenomena filled month. At times feeling totally out of whack, at others very quiet internally and externally, the desire to hibernate in my bubble of quietude, to just be and allow myself to absorb from the stillness that which I require. There were moments of bursts of energy and intention
but they were short lived and the desire to return to that quiet space returned. June was a month for restoration, planning and preparation rather than starting or completing something, like waves of the ocean it was as if the in tide was very strong and the out tide much weaker, as if it were more important to stop, retrospect, take a deep rejuvenating breath in and slowly, very slowly and gently breathing out.

In numerology 2014 is a "seven" year (2+0+1+4=7) the year of the soul. This is where the soul starts being the "driving force" in your life rather than sitting in the back seat where it has been up until now, that is if you give the intent to allow it, for others it will be their awakening to their spiritual selves for the first time, whatever level of evolution this year your soul is going to stir. How do you communicate with soul, how do you know the difference between your inner voice and that of your higher self?

We will discuss this during the evening, listen to a 40 minute channelling of Kryon on the subject of soul communication and end with a meditation connecting to soul/higher self.

All are welcome, please bring a small plate of healthy snacks and a pillow and blanket for personal comfort. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE ATTENDING.

Have a happy day!


Our May meditations will be held:

Evening: Tuesday 27th May 7pm - 9pm
Morning: Wednesday 28th May 10.30am - 12.30pm
Where: 15 Baxter Way, Edgemead


As usual all are welcome, there is no charge (unless you wish to have a copy of the meditation technique R5), please bring a pillow & blanket for your own comfort and a small plate of healthy snacks to share.

I have used the word "Merkaba" many times in my teachings and healings and it has come to my attention that quite a few of you are not sure as to what it is exactly, in short it is our vehicle of ascension, it is not something "outside" of ourselves that we "get into" and fly away to the heavens, it is very much a part of us, in fact in the big picture it is the largest part of us, the present three dimensional physical body being a rather small part of our consciousness. The Merkaba is made up of your chakras, aura, calibration lattice (strings & strands, DNA connecting to the cosmic lattice), geometric shapes such as diamond templates, stars, triangles, spirals, colours, DNA coding, varying vibrations, axial tonal lines etc. all of these things sing in harmony with the sound of the universe, we communicate through this field and the more activated our Merkaba the more free flowing the communication is. We gradually drop the illusion of fearing failure, we become more connected and guided by an inner knowing, the sense that something either feels right or wrong and the ability not to be persuaded or dissuaded by others. We discover new things about ourselves, talents and abilities we had not imagined, a sense of discovery, wonder and a lightness of being.

Think about a computer, you have a wonderful diverse array of software on your desktop, yet whether it be Microsoft office, google or games until such time as you click on it you can't use it. We can activate parts of our Merkaba with intent but it is difficult to intend to do something that is
beyond our imagining. In order to assist you I will be going through the activations <http://www.michelewilliamsesoterics.co.za/activations> (click for more info & pics) that I have available to give you an idea of the immense amount of coding and sacred templates in your Merkaba, I have found that once a person can visualise these templates and bring them into their
consciousness they are able to activate them, however, receiving the actual activations accelerates the process.

The meditation we will be doing is called THE MAHARIC SEAL . The Maharic Seal is a major tool by which the purpose, intention, awareness and effect of the Angelic Human can be significantly accelerated in a genuine, substantial and impactful fashion. With regular use the Maharic Seal will:

Begin the process of activating the 8th through 12th chakras of the personal Kathara Grid (click activations
<http://www.michelewilliamsesoterics.co.za/activations> )

Assist the opening of the Crystal Seals in the body which otherwise block DNA Activation (click activations
<http://www.michelewilliamsesoterics.co.za/activations> )

Enable healers to transmit 12th dimensional frequency

Protect users from disharmonic energies associated with channelling, healing, Astral & Dream Time projection & other forms of field encroachment/infiltration. 

Amplify results of all spiritually focused activity.

Realign, revitalise & regenerate all aspects of the physical & subtle energy body systems.

(If you wish to have a copy of this meditation technique I will be charging R5 to cover my costs).

Food for thought: Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, butasking to be changed in ways you cannot imagine!

Many Blessings


  • Full Body Aromatherapy Massage: R300
  • Back, Neck & Scalp Massage: R250
  • Lymph Massage R280
  • Shamanic Massage R300
  • All Energy Healings R280
  • All Activations R380 

For more information visit the Activations and Therapies pages,





Both meditations will be held at 15 Baxter Way, Edgemead. There is no charge but I do ask that you each bring a SMALL plate of healthy snacks or fruit juice to share as well as a blanket and cushion for your own comfort. Please let me know if you ARE attending and whether you will be coming to the morning or evening session (both are the same).

As we are still going through a tremendous release period at this time our focus will be on this. As light workers we need to flood the planet with as much light as possible and in order to do this we need to clear the Earth's consciousness of past negative energies such as wars, genocides, persecution, slavery and greed and we assist with this by clearing out negative energies within ourselves either born in this lifetime or brought forward from previous incarnations or whether they be karmic. We cannot clear the consciousness of the planet if we are still harbouring these feelings within. Our consciousness and that of the planet are inter linked and cannot be separated. As you raise your own vibrations so you do that of the planet thereby raising the vibration of the whole. It is all about responsibility and forgiveness. Are you prepared to face "your ugly" and be responsible for your feelings and actions or are you going to continue blaming others or external events for how you feel inside?

In order to do this clearing we need to go inside our bodies, into the microcosm of our cellular system, that which contains our DNA and is the very blueprint of who we are as individuals, it is the mustard seed that moved the mountain! Our bodies talk to us every day yet most are completely
oblivious to this fact, how we feel is our language to spirit NOT what we think. So we will be doing a guided meditation led by myself where I take you into your physical bodies right down to your cellular structure, DNA, stem cells & quarks, this is an intense cellular healing and subtle reprogramming of you DNA.

Hope to see you soon and PLEASE let me know if you ARE attending and whether it will be the morning or evening session.




Finally I sense the time is right to start teaching the Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing, I am aware that there are some of you whom have been waiting several years for this course and I hope & trust the time is right for you to complete it.

When I completed my Basic (Phases: 1 & 2) in May 2002 and Advanced (Phases: 3 & 4) in August 2002 it cost me R4500 per course. I have realised that it is more important to get the knowledge, information and tools of accelerated evolution to as many people as possible and as quickly as possible rather than charge a fee that only few can afford so I will be charging R1500 per
course i.e. Basic R1500 and Advanced R1500.

Course details: The course will run once a week for four weeks where after you will receive a certificate of completion, manuals will also be supplied during the course. Space is limited to a maximum of six students per course. The classes take place on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9.30pm commencing Wednesday: 7th May; 14th May; 21st May; 28th May. A R200 non-refundable deposit is required on booking, the remaining balance of R1300 is to be settled on or before 7th May 2014.

It is not required that you have any experience in energy work, we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and others, if on the other hand you are already an energy worker/healer the initiation into this energy and the ability to channel it to others will only enhance everything you do. If you resonate - don't wait, 2014 is the year for us to push forward with much more ease than we have done in the past, listen to your intuition, does it feel right? For more information on the Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing, click on website: www.michelewilliamsesoterics.co.za , click on therapies at top of page, once on page scroll down until you find it. To book your place you can either phone or email me - details at bottom of page.

Meditation Group

The next evening meditation (tonight's is still on) will be held on 8th April at 15 Baxter Way, Edgemead 7pm to 9pm - more information will be forwarded nearer the date.

It has been requested that I hold a morning meditation group so I will be holding the first one on Wednesday 9th April 10.30am to 12.30pm - more information will be forwarded nearer the date.

I would appreciate feedback with regards to whom is interested in the morning meditation, please let me know via email.


Much about DNA is bandied about at present, it appears to be the latest catchphrase within new age and esoteric circles but how many of us actually understand the importance of DNA activations and clearings, why we should want to do so, what does it mean and how do we accomplish such? This workshop tells you all you need to know and understand about your DNA, specifically the first twelve layers in a simple yet profound way. The cost of the workshop is R150 which includes hand outs and an audio CD on the 12 layers of DNA. There will be an evening workshop and a morning workshop available, please stipulate your preference when booking. The evening course: will be on 1st April 7pm to 9pm and the morning course: Thursday 3rd April 10.30am to 12.30am.

Advanced booking is essential and can be done either by phone or email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings





I have noticed that "family" related issues are very much in the fore at present, almost "in your face" do something about it -NOW- energy. From my Pilates pals, to clients, colleagues and friends, almost all of them are experiencing "family" issues at the moment. It may be an issue with parents, children, siblings, spouses, aunts & uncles, nieces & nephews or in laws but somehow it appears that we are being required to clear the blocks related mostly to our blood lineage.

So what does this mean? Some call it "the sins of the fathers", and some call it "karma", levels of evolution that have not yet been achieved will keep presenting themselves in each incarnation until such time as that next rung of evolution has been achieved. When one incarnates into a new life form, the DNA of all previous lives is contained in your present biology, along with DNA of each of your parents and Grandparents and their parents etc. etc., and there is a portion that is completely new and uniquely you for this biological lifetime. Everything we do towards our personal evolution has an effect on the DNA of our blood family, however subtle, it is there and has permanently changed the coding of your DNA and therefore has permanently freed up future generations, your children and your children's children and all children thereafter will directly benefit from your efforts.

The dynamics of families is complex, conflict cannot always be avoided and feelings can run deep and hot, resentment and bitterness, hurt and betrayal are a strong, hot and sometimes breathless form of emotion that can run rampant and spread at an alarming rate or they can be deep and simmering eating away at your insides. How many of you have ever been so angry, holding in so much for so long, that before you know it words are coming out of your mouth before your mind even registers them? Or have you ever felt so very heart wrenchingly sad, that your heart organ physically aches and body wracking sobs and copious tears seem endless, have you ever felt really alone in a room full of people who "love" you, unseen, unheard and unappreciated? Or have you carried a backpack of guilt and remorse that continually gets heavier until you are stuck and simply cannot move forward?
Perhaps you have been weak, subservient, allowing people to disrespect you or take advantage of you, and you feel so angry at those people you could choke? We have all experienced a wide range of emotion toward our family our entire life, the question is "how do you get out of the repetitive cycle? 

Honour thyself: make sure people aren't over-stepping your boundaries, and whether you are allowing them to do so because you don't want to rock the boat, or you want to please other family members.

Realise you have the right to be yourself and be loved for who you truly are, not whom others want you to be.

Respect yourself and stand up for yourself when need be, don't sell your soul for the sake of peace.

Always be true to yourself and DON'T lie to yourself, self-denial is a slow and painful killer.

Always try and put yourself in the other persons shoes and see the bigger picture, your perspective and their perspective of a situation will always differ try to see their point of view.


The result of certain emotions and relationships greatly affects our self-esteem, self-worth and confidence and depending on how deeply or badly damaged our esteem may be can take a long time to work through, so for our meditation evening we will be focusing on the solar plexus which is the energy centre that governs this topic. We will be doing a series of practical exercises and short meditations ending in a forgiveness ritual which I have found extremely useful in helping me find that place of forgiveness and peace within myself. Please note that forgiveness does not necessarily mean you will fall under the wishes and demands of another, rather it means you accept and let go of what happened and free yourself up to move forward!

The evening is free of charge but I do ask that you bring a small plate of healthy snacks or fruit juice to share. PLEASE BRING A PILLOW AND BLANKET FOR YOUR OWN COMFORT.

Many Blessings



15 Baxter Way, Edgemead

Many Blessings to you and your loved ones for 2014 and much success and happiness to you in the year ahead.

The year 2014 will continue with challenges and changes within ourselves, those around us, politics, finances, threats of war and animal extinction, unpredictable weather, Earth, solar and magnetic patterns as well as humanitarian injustice throughout our world. Energy patterning that has held us in ignorance and fear for hundreds upon hundreds of years is finally breaking down like an old cobweb that has collected too much dust over time and disintegrates from the very weight of it. 

As our evolution accelerates and more people awaken to their spiritual selves, more light and information enters the planet, as these energies enter our energy fields and biological bodies it can cause all sorts of turmoil within as it does with Earth. Too long have we suppressed feelings due to the opinions or control and manipulation of others, like a crystal clear river on the outside all looks well, but once the water has been disturbed the silt and sand rises it becomes murky, cloudy and very unclear, much like ourselves the confusion between thought and feeling makes any peace or resolution unclear, our minds become filled with fear as to whether we are doing the right thing. Now is the time to take responsibility for these feelings and transmute them into love and acceptance, change what you can and let go of the rest. This is what the planet and "ALL" of humankind "NEED" right "NOW"! The more you focus on the energy of love the more you release your own obstacles and the more you release your own, the more you release for humankind - think of it as a personal favour you are doing your great grandchildren in generations to come.

The Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing is a highly effective evolutionary tool (see under therapies in
integrating these new energies and remaining balanced, centred and motivated and for our meditation evening we will be doing the first phase of the EMF known as "The Balance of Wisdom & Emotion" as a guided meditation/self/group healing. This balance gives one the ability to discern when to react or when not to, when to invest energy and when not to or whether to remain attached
or let go, it clears emotional blocks, activates the high heart centre and the diamond shaped sacred template of light, energy and information that links the head and the heart.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful energy with you. All are welcome and there is no charge. Please bring the following:

- A small plate of healthy snacks to share or fruit juice
- A pillow and blanket for your own comfort



Hello Being of Light

Our final meditation of the year is going to be a special one as we will be working in the open air under a full moon at my dear friend Lynn Shacks small holding in Morningstar. I realise that for some of you, especially those coming from Town and Southern Suburbs, that it is further for you to travel but I am sure it will be worth your while to end a somewhat turbulent year with many inner and global changes taking place in the energy of love and peace. This will be our theme for the evening, we will be meditating with the focus on Planetary Love and Healing. Earth and all that live upon the Earth need our love and healing right now as shifts and dramatic changes are taking place, we need to bring in the energy and anchor it into the energy grids of the Planet. Through our biological and energetic systems we are the conduit between Heaven and Earth and we create and manifest the "as above, so below", as individuals we are powerful creators but as a group we are so much more and as we take our role in the healing and ascension of the planet so we do with our own ascension and that of others.

Watch this 25 minute video from "Little Grandmother" a wisdom keeper of the rainbow tribe (us) and let her open your heart to the needs of Mother Earth: 

Click: http://www.vimeo.com/16812713

In order to give those who need time to travel we will start the evening at 7.30pm sharp and finish at 9.30pm. As always ALL are welcome, family, friends etc. and there is no charge for the evening.


  • A candle

  • A blanket and pillow

  • A small plate of healthy snacks to share or fruit juice

Below please find directions to the smallholding and I sincerely look forward to seeing you there.

Much Love

N7 - from Edgemead northbound towards Malmesbury, travel approximately 16km
Pass dump on left, next exit MORNINGSTAR left
Travel approx 400meters and turn left onto dirt road where it says Zonnekus
On dirt travel approx 2.2km as road goes up hill another road comes in from left, make sharp U turn into the left road.
Third property on right, wooden eagle on edge of road. 

25% off all therapies & activations:

  • Full Body Aromatherapy R290
  • Back, Neck & Scalp R220
  • Lymph Massage R250
  • Shamanic Massage R290
  • All Energy Therapies R270
  • All Activations R350 



15 Baxter Way, Edgemead

Hello Family of One

On our meditation evening we will be working with the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, the big and the small, the seen and the unseen, the vast infinite of the universe and galaxies and the infinite yet powerful structure of our cellular systems. How we connect to the Harmonic Universe through sound and vibration and how we are all linked to the strings and strands of the cosmos through the strings and strands of our DNA, sacred geometry, templates of light and energy and axiatonal lines.

Through understanding and connecting to the Universe we can move into our magnificence and greater access energy and information that enables us to move out of the limitations of the third dimension into the higher realms of our existence. This is where we have the ability to manifest our dreams and desires, here we are our eternal selves without the limited programing and self-beliefs we hold in the third dimension, it is the point during meditation where we reach the void, the dark expanse of "no thing ness",
like a blank canvas this is the dimension on which we truly create, the vastness of space (known as dark matter) between the lines of energy that make up our universe.

We will start with a short slide show that will enable you to visualise and understand the difference between Microcosm and Microcosm, it will put you in awe of life and existence and give you true perspective of what it means when people say "think of the bigger picture" and that the promise of there
always being something bigger and something more available and perhaps for the first time you will truly understand what "infinite" means.

The slide show will be followed with a thirty minute meditation which is a dimensional alignment and Planetary Healing.

As always ALL are welcome, please bring a small plate of healthy snacks and a pillow and blanket for your comfort during meditation.

I look forward to sharing the evening with you.

Many Blessings


23 APRIL 2013

15 Baxter Way, Edgemead

Hello Friends

As usual all are welcome to our meditation evening, there is no charge but I do ask your to bring some "healthy" snacks to share or some fruit juice. Please bring a pillow and blanket for your own comfort.

As we are very much going through the "chaotic node" at present, I think it is important that we focus on grounding our inspirations & intents and opening our hearts to the gifts of the universe available to us. Life at the moment is hectic and many of us get caught up in the wave of drama, fear & resistance. Changes are taking place internally and in our external worlds.

We are going through the great re-shuffle....and it is uncomfortable! Some are big changes, they frighten us because we will have to step out of our comfort zone, we want to hold on to what is/was rather than move forward, grow and be challenged. For some it will mean relocating to a new place, for others the realigning of relationships and whether to work on improving them or letting them go, for many it has to do with job loss or lack of finances, or you can be at that pivotal point in your life where you know you can no
longer put off those lifestyle changes that you have been promising yourself for numerous years. Then we have the smaller changes which appear as life's small irritations that challenge our inner peace and resolve on a daily basis, we also have the energetic & biological changes which make us feel "all over the place", mind jumping from one thing to another, emotional ups and downs, waking up in the early hours of the morning and can't get back to sleep, lack of energy and a seeming disinterest to get moving with what needs to be done, restlessness, emptiness and sadness as we let go of the old to make place for the new. 
All the strife you see taking place around the globe is a reflection of the strife within us, the big picture affects the smaller picture & vice-versa, the Macrocosm & the Microcosm are continually interacting as we "download" new energies. Your worst enemy during this time is your resistance, the more you cling to what is no longer working for you the more strife you will experience as the universal energies try to get you where you are meant to be. Many feel ethereal and not quite in body, and although it may be a pleasant feeling it is not going to help you manifest the changes you need to make..being grounded will!

We will be focusing on the axis of our bodies, the base & sacral centres, we will be using the Shamanic rattles to clear our fields, we will then be doing a "moving" meditation, followed by a 15min meditation - opening the Shamanic Heart.

I look forward to seeing you all again!

Much Love


26 FEBRUARY 2013

15 Baxter Way, Edgemead

Greetings to each of you, I trust this newsletter finds you well.

Are you feeling disappointed after the initial build-up of 2012? Do you feel “let down”? Are you still feeling stuck with little or no change? Frustrated that after all your efforts, faith and belief you have been forsaken. Perhaps you’ve had a spurt of forward movement, felt like you were riding the crest of a wave that has now petered out and left you feeling flat? Do you feel abandoned, frustrated, somewhat angry at being “left out to dry”, are you becoming fearful and emotional over daily needs that are not being met – bills you are unable to pay, necessary household or business items breaking down and needing to be replaced, are you experiencing cut backs and staff reductions at work making you feel vulnerable, is your business at a standstill with only a dribble of customers here and there, do you have unseen costs and setbacks filling you with dread and even resentment. Do your relationships seem to be attracting more drama than acceptance and peace? Perhaps you are at a cross-road, needing to make life changing decisions yet fear of the unknown holds you back, or perhaps you have odd jobs to do that you keep procrastinating over.

All of the above are your worst enemy as your fear and anger grows it creates more and more of the same energy around you, breaking out of this chain, especially when feeling vulnerable and insecure, is easier said than done, it is much easier to be fearful than it is to remain hopeful yet this is exactly what we are required to do. Imagine billions of people all over the world experiencing anger and fear, in varying degrees, each one generating the same energy – it becomes “catching” and spreads like a virus making it more and more difficult to break out of because virtually everyone around you is feeling the same on some level, this is mass consciousness. As light workers there is still much for us to do, the opening of the 2012 Gateway is the “beginning” of the “beginning, we are in a 36 year cycle that started 18 years ago, this period sifted to the surface that which needed changing in our world, the next 18 year period is the clearing of the old energy and the anchoring of the new. Everything that happens in the world affects our consciousness, we choose how we react to these things, whether we find them acceptable or not, and if not, what we do to change it.

Take the story of Anene Booysen’s: a teenage girl whom lived within a small community in the town of Bresdasdorp so brutally savaged and murdered that her story was covered in the media world-wide, how does this horrific act assist our evolution? It brings more attention & pressure to bring solutions to the abuse of women and children. Where people were apathetic there is now more awareness and insistence to create solutions and justice, and there is a wave of compassion, to her loved ones and all others whom have experienced similar tragedies around the globe on a mass consciousness level. Anene’s death was not in vain, on a soul level this may well have been her contract, whilst her life on a conscious level may in time be forgotten by some, the sacrifice she made will remain in the very DNA of the Earth. So what is my point? Your perception and your reaction to this event – is it hate and anger for those that perpetrated the crime and fear for the future? Or is it understanding for the fact that world-wide attention is yet again brought to a world-wide problem and more and more people are making their voices heard that this kind of barbarism is unacceptable. Besides talking to your friends and colleagues with outrage and condemnation what have you done personally to add your voice and make a change in consciousness? Don’t EVER say there is nothing you can do, something as simple as signing a petition or writing an open letter can make a difference, a POSTIVE difference! One additional name on a petition is like a pebble being thrown into water – it creates a ripple effect, likewise with your thoughts and perception, they create ripple effects through mass consciousness, the more positive acting, thinking people, the more positive our world will become, how long it takes is up to humanity. Whatever you are thinking – that is the energy you are creating and so it is in your daily life and the personal challenges you face.

I realise how very difficult it is to remain positive when it seems as if nothing is working around you, it becomes a vicious circle the more you worry, the more you create something to worry about – and so you worry even more! Our meditation evening will be dealing with how to remain positive and focus on that which we want rather than that which we lack. We will be listening to a Kryon channelling regarding the 8 points old souls need at this time, we will also be working with the violet flame of St Germain and the ability to manifest our desires.

As always please bring the following:
A plate of snacks or juice to share
A pillow and blanket

All are welcome, we start 7pm sharp! I will also have products available for sale.


To order, contact: Michele Williams - (021) 558-5965 or email: byeti@telkomsa.net

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